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Face painting examples

Frequently asked questions

Where do you face paint?

I will paint at pretty much any event including private parties, public events/venues, corporate and weddings. I am based in Bromley and will travel to Kent, Surrey, and London.

How many people can you paint?
I paint around 10 quality faces in an hour, which enables me to interact with the guests and allows the children to be painted at ease. Alternatively I can simplify my designs to give a faster turnaround of faces. I have a minimum booking of two hours, but can sometimes make exceptions at my discretion to those very local to me. Please note overtime rates apply if I stay longer than originally booked.

Is the paint safe?
I use only professional face paints, and glitter that is designed for cosmetic use. Ocassionally people will have allergies, but if this is something you are worried about, I can do a small patch text before doing a face. Paints can be easily removed with warm water, and a little mild soap as they are water-based. Personally I don't advise using baby wipes to remove the paints, as people sometimes mistake allergies to wipes to those from the paints. If the paint gets onto your clothing it will come out. Soak the stain in cold water before putting it into the washing machine as normal.

When do you arrive, and what do you need me to provide?
I will arrive at the event at least 20 minutes before I start painting, in order to set up. I will need two chairs, and a small table. A water supply is also helpful, but not vital as I can bring my own.

What if the event is cancelled, or if you cancel?
If the event is cancelled less than 14 days before the event, the whole fee will be due for payment. If the event is cancelled more than 14 days before the event, the deposit will be due for payment only, and any excess, if paid in advance, will be refunded. If I cannot make the event for any reason all efforts will be made to find a replacement, insured facepainter of the same standard or higher. If this is not possible the total deposit and fee, if paid in advance, will be returned in full.