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Face painting examples

Your safety

• I use only professional face paints that are non-toxic and are fully compliant with E.U. and F.D.A toy and cosmetic regulations.

• I will always use a fresh, clean sponge for each child, and will change the brush water as regularly as possible.

• Children with noticeable illness, or infection will not be painted, as this may infect themselves, myself, or other children. This applies to headlice too.

• Unwilling children, and those who appear frightened will not be painted. This applies to any children without a parent or guardian present.

• If you suspect an allergy beforehand, please request a patch test, so we can determine whether there may be an allergy to the paints.

• No children under three-years-old will be painted.

• Spectators are asked to stand at least one metre from the painter, and parents must supervise their child at all times when close to the painter and equipment.

• I also ask kindly that children do not hold their balloons whilst I am painting them. This will avoid any balloon popping accidents near the childs face.